Department of Pedology and Soil Conservation

Dept. Head: Ing. Jan Vopravil, Ph.D. vopraviljanatvumopcz

The department solves these principal topics:

- theoretical issues of soil science, soil mapping and soil classification,
- soil evaluation including development of new or modernized methods of evaluation,
- qualitative and quantitative soil conservation including the use of statistical and geostatistical methods,
- causes of degradation of productive and non-productive soil functions, their impacts and elimination,
- questions of developmental soil trends on the basis of retrospective monitoring of selective soil characteristics mostly in connection with the announced climate change,
- questions of limited factors of soil use,
- multicriterial evaluation of soil, mainly with regard to extreme hydrological events,
- hydropedological soil characteristics and their use in map expression,
- possibilities of use of remote sensing techniques for identification of soil cover characteristics, their changes, exploitation and degradation, 
- deepening knowledge in the process of water, wind and other types of soil erosion, their impacts and new organizational, agrotechnical and technical measures against soil erosion,
- conservation of valuable parts of areas against erosion products,
- technologies of soil recultivation damaged by mining and other industrial activity,
- landfill recultivation of municipal solid waste and specific problems of recultivation of sludge beds and the areas extracted from agricultural soil fund,
- various methods of use of soil geographical information system.

Other topics:

- creation of legislative and legal background materials 
- expert and counselling activities 
- professional and organizational arrangements of trainings of the employees of the land consolidation officers and other institutions in the discipline of soil science and soil conservation.